The Kunsthal in 2017

For Kunsthal Rotterdam, 2017 was again a successful year with nearly 240,000 visitors. With an increase of 30,000 visitors compared to 2016, for the fourth time in a row we managed to draw in 200,000 visitors. Furthermore, over 300,000 people visited the traveling exhibition
A Different Vision on Fashion Photography‘ in Munich and Turin. This exhibition of work by Peter Lindbergh was produced by the Kunsthal.

The Kunsthal’s 25th anniversary was another important landmark and was abundantly celebrated with many partners and visitors.

Our collaborations with artists, museums, partners, companies, sponsors, funds and supporters have led to a dynamic year filled with new developments, of which the positive results took effect in 2018, for instance during the successful exhibition ‘Hyperrealisme Sculpture’ and the ‘Kunsthal LIVE’ programme.

This online annual report will further examine the organisation and management, our collaborations, our programme and visitors – substantiated by facts & figures –, our educational goals and talent development, and will also discuss a number of highlights. Also on behalf of the Kunsthal team, I hope you will enjoy reading this report and look forward to seeing you again often at the Kunsthal in the year to come.

Emily Ansenk, director



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